Perishables, the Cold Chain, and the FDA

Published by: Vanesia Adkins, Chief Executive Officer, 02/16/2021 In the previous two articles, we discussed various regulations regarding the FDA and pharmaceuticals and the CDC and vaccines within the cold chain. In this series, we want to return to the FDA and cover the regulations and guidance in transportation

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How Technology is Delivering Better Operational Efficiencies Within the Pharmaceutical Industry and its Supply Chain – Part 1

Published by Vanesia Adkins, 08/18/2020 There’s no doubt that IoT technology produces significant results in just about every industry. When we look at the impact this technology has within the pharmaceutical industry and supply chain, inclusive of the manufacturer, distribution procedures, storage, and final consumer dispensing, the outcome is

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The Benefits of IoT in Cold Chain for TCS Perishables

Published By Vanesia Adkins, 07/16/2020 The IoT, or Internet of Things, is mentioned quite a bit across many different industries and seems to have a never-ending amount of benefits for businesses and consumers. IoT also has a place in cold chain logistics, especially for TCS perishables. Here is a

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